Food Cost Calculation
Get hold of your expenses.

Food cost calculation is one of the most important things when running a business.

Get insights in your margins

By having a right idea about your food costs, margins are easy to determine. This is a huge time-saver!

Optimise your
food cost

Have an instant look at the most expensive products in your recipe. The APIC Manager assists you in keeping costs down.

Import ingredients with complicated food cost structure

Easily import your ingredients, including their costs, directly from your supplier. Have all of your data instantly available!

Instant calculation and adaptation

No matter how many servings you require, the APIC Manager calculates everything on an ingredient level for you!

€, $, ¥... Ready for internationalisation

Change the currency in the software on the fly!

Three tier personnel cost integration

Define three levels op personnel costs and calculate your personnel cost per dish to the minute.

Deep food cost integrated on all levels

The APIC Manager lets you adjust food costs per ingredient, per recipe, or per menu, giving you all the freedom to have the correct margins.

Easy export to Excel with formulas

Export your data into Excel to view all the formulas used.

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