We simplify
Food Photography
to its essence.

Put the Studio in your (development)kitchen and start with a simple touch.The APIC Studio is a beautifully designed, very simple to use photo studio, especially designed to take the best pictures possible from food and withstand professional kitchen wear.

High Resolution Camera. Integrated.

The integrated Samsung camera is ready to use, out of the box. As opposed to other studio systems, there's no need to acquire an extra camera.

6x Optical Zoom.
Get the details straight.

Picture the whole dish, or just a detail. Thanks to the six time optical zoom, you can do both and retain full quality of pixels.

Square, Landscape or Portrait. Take it the way you want.

You like APICBASE's original square mode? Great! You'd rather go for the standard landscape mode? Perfect! Even magnum sized bottles fit.

Cloud Connected.
No need to fiddle.

All your pictures are wirelessly synced to your private library in the APIC Manager automatically.

Automatic Lighting. The perfect result - always.

We've come to the perfect match between camera and light. That's the secret of APICBASE.

No Hassle Set-up.
Ready in 1-2-3.

Just connect to Wi-Fi, enter your user details and you're ready to go!
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Some photos taken by our customers with our photo studio

Introducing the Birdy.
Add a whole new dimension.

New! Now shipping together with the Studio, the Birdy is a simple and nifty solution for anyone who likes to look at their pictures from a different point of view. Use it with a simple twist, just put the Studio on the platform and take bird's eye shots with a single touch. Birdy is compatible with all exisiting studios.


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