A great suite for small restaurants

A great suite for small restaurants

A great suite for small restaurants

Discover the top features of the APIC Manager software

Food and Beverage — Room for every product.

In the APIC Manager, every product has its own specifications. Just categorize your images into four pre-defined categories (recipe, dish, ingredient or 'other') to allow more specific information, because a dish needs different info than a bottle of wine.

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Recipe Manager - Manage Your Key Assets

Recipe Manager — Manage your key assets.

The Recipe Manager is built to ensure optimal entry of information in as little time as possible.

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Learn step by step

Learn Step by Step — With animated step-by-step photos.

Limit the gap of interpretation - minimize the learning curve. With the step-by-step photos, you can show your staff how to dress a plate one step at a time.

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Food Cost Calculator

Food Cost Calculator — Get a quick overview of product costs.

The Recipe Manager is built to ensure optimal entry of information in as little time as possible. Then calculate the cost, the gross margin and more.

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Add Tags to Images

Add tags to images. Click and type - that easy.

In the APIC Manager, all images can be tagged with ingredients - right on the image itself. This way, you can indicate what is on the picture in seconds. This is the ideal way to optimize the communication between back and front room personel.

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Build Menus

Build Menus. Keep up with the Cycles.

Use any dish you create in the APIC Manager to build menus. Keep track of when you need to serve the menu and what the menu costs, in just one overview.

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Define Production Units

Define Production Units — Make sure everyone has access to the right information.

With our Product Unit Manager, you can define restaurants, classes, courses,... and link dedicated product information to them.

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Import your Clients

Import your clients —And make customer specific product catalogues.

With the APIC Sales Module, you can create customer specific product catalogues, containing all the products, recipes and pictures from one client. You can easily change the catalogue when new items are introduced or out of production. Thanks to the customer specific product catalogue, you can keep your clients up to date at every moment of the year.

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Allergen Management

Allergy for Allergens? Easy way out with the allergen tracking module.

Europe makes the rules. We provide the solutions. Thanks to our Allergen module it's very easy to indicate which allergens are present per ingredient, recipe, dish and menu.

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Share - when you're ready

Share. When you're ready.

All images are secure and private from the start, but when you're ready, you can start sharing your images on APICBASE.COM, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter with a single click. Let your dishes be an inspiration to thousands of visitors every month.

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Search & Find. Deeply integrated search engine

Find everything within your library by title, date, tag or album. Everywhere, every time.

Print. Every module has its own print templates.

All information is easily printable in different templates. We can even integrate your company specific templates.

Public Image API.Share the images right on your own site.

Use our beautiful iframes or delve deeper with our API to integrate your images in your personal website or app.

Centralised Storage

All images are safely stored on world class servers. Times 12 for backup. Never lose anything.

Create Albums

Create albums of images and dishes.

Download Images in High-Res

All images are ready to download in 72 and 300 dpi. Straight from the Manager. You can even download albums.

* Some features are only available in the Manager Pro version.
Check the comparison table for a clear overview.

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