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Automate your recipe entry and minimize manual tasks. Gain visibility in what's in your cook book and keep your recipes organized and secured so you can easily vary your menu with less work.
Upload all your photos, tag them and find them easily. The APICBASE Media Management module is your ideal cloud storage platform. And with the connected APIC Studio, all images you take will be immediately available.
Generate bills of materials quick and clean, so you can order with your supplier in an orderly and clean fashion. No notes or calculators required - just quick and straight forward orderings.
Manage your outlets from a central location and plan your production efficiently. Create and communicate menu plannings and cycles with ease and get the right information to the right locations with just a few clicks.

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High Quality Images

Cloud Connected

Plug & Play

Personal Library

Social Marketing

Recipes & Wines

What's included in the Media Management Module?

Photo Studio optional optional optional
Photo Storage 100 2.500 5.000 50.000
Photo Upload
Photo Albums
Image Tagging
Image Editing
Download 72 DPI
Download 300 DPI
Download Tags
Custom Templates 3 included